Positive Health international is a leading training organisation and educational center dedicated to empowering individuals and professionals to work with the concept of Positive Health. We strongly believe in our social mission to make impact.

We provide comprehensive training programs and consultancy services for professionals and advisors seeking to integrate Positive Health principles into their work. We believe that Positive Health encompasses more than just the absence of disease; it focuses on enhancing well-being, resilience, and self-determination.

PHI team

Our mission

Recognize and empower the full potential of people towards a meaningful life.

Empowerment of people, with the application of Positive Health as a concept for transformation from disease to health-oriented care and prevention.


Our vision

Enabling the movement of Positive Health worldwide by implementing on an individual, professional, community and systemic level.

We facilitate professionals with training and implementation support to apply Positive Health on an individual and collective level.


We will do this by

  • Expanding the application and tools of Positive Health internationally.
  • Following the essence of Positive Health, as developed in the Netherlands.
  • Following the phases of inspiration, implementation and embedment, attuned to country and culture specific needs.

Our core values are

  • Health is the startingpoint
  • People focus
  • Find purpose and live it
  • Practice what we preach
  • Small steps matter
  • Have fun (and enjoy the process)

What we want to achieve

By 2033 > 1 million people outside the Netherlands applied Positive Health towards a meaningful life

Meet our team

Karolien van den Brekel

During my career I got opportunities to do research, study and work abroad and obtained my doctorate in gynaecology and general practice in Utrecht and New York. I worked in general practices in Germany (Munich) and Ireland, and followed international coaching training while living in Japan with my family. The time abroad gave me not only wonderful new life experiences but also resilience and a broad perspective on health.

Back in the Netherlands, since 2009, I have been working as a general practitioner in Utrecht and started to apply Positive Health in practice on a daily basis. With Positive health I can deliver personalized care and it gives myself a lot of work pleasure.

My ambition is to contribute to innovation and health transformation in the Netherlands and abroad in the field of Health Care as trainer of Positive Health and author of the Handbook Positive Health in Primary Care, the Dutch example. Karolien is director of Positive Health International since 2022.

PHi Barbara Piper 447x640

Barbara Piper-Roelofs

After a successful 20+ year career in international communication management in large corporates and general management in health care facilities, I decided to focus on senior leadership development; changing hearts and cultures in organisations. My experiences living and working abroad, building cross and intercultural sensitivity allow me to work in a broad range of people as well as organisational cultures. I hold an MA in Communication, am a certified Stanford trained Compassion facilitator, a certified coach and experienced facilitator and mentor to professionals. My approach is systemic, somatic and holistic, combining different wisdom traditions in online as well as live programs as well as during silent retreats.

As a compassion ambassador, I am commited to living life with my full presence and an open heart. It’s about striving to be non-judgmental and kind in each interaction. And attempt to bring these qualities of the heart to the forefront of our systems and decision-making.

Positive Health brings these qualities to the table with the emphasis on people, resilience and on what makes your life meaningful. Positive Health embraces the skills of listening, being open minded, non-judgmental, and empathy as a new normal.

Joanca van den Bosch

I have a diverse career background. My journey includes working for Shell International, where I gained extensive expertise in event organisation. Over the years, I have utilized my skills in organisation and communication to make significant contributions to various initiatives in the Netherlands, notably playing a key role in establishing the Institute for Positive Health. 

Drawing on my valuable experience and knowledge, I am now dedicated to expanding the international reach of Positive Health. It is my passion to make impactful strides in promoting well-being on a global scale. With Positive Health as my driving force, I strive to create positive change and empower individuals and communities worldwide to embrace this broad perspective of health. 

Joanca van den Bosch
PHi Christine Vandeur portrait

christine vandeur

Project Leader Positive Health Flanders

Christine is a dynamic professional with extensive experience in leading healthcare projects. With a background in healthcare management and a passion for Positive Health, she makes significant contributions to the industry. Christine is the Project Leader for Positive Health Flanders, where she spearheads initiatives, collaborates with stakeholders, and inspires the team. Her expertise and commitment drive positive change in healthcare delivery and empower individuals and communities to thrive.