Visit Belgium health insurance company​ CM

General practitioners Geert Pint and Karolien van den Brekel  had a pleasant meeting with CM Chairman Luc van Gorp and Dieter Herregodts. The conversation highlighted various activities supported by the health fund to stimulate a broad vision on health. They discussed the challenges within the complex healthcare landscape and the possibilities and best practices with Positive Health from Belgium and the Netherlands. There are interesting chances to connect with the goal oriented care and trend towards more interprofessional collaboration in neighborhoods.

Looking ahead to 2024, further specific plans will be made to strengthen the Positive Health movement. Initiatives such as promoting healthy communities, group activities, the health academy, and social work in neighborhoods will be made more visible and accessible. The exchange of successful activities from CM and from examples in the Netherlands and in Vlaanderen will be shared to foster understanding and further implement and embed Positive Health in daily practices and collaborations.

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