Positive Health sparks interest in Portugal

Machteld Huber, the visionary behind Positive Health, shared valuable perspectives at the Valongo Health Biennale in Portugal.

In an illuminating interview in the Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Notícias by Inês Schreck, Machteld advocates a shift towards a broader understanding of health, highlighting it as the ability to adapt and manage oneself amid social, physical and emotional challenges.

“A comprehensive look at health gets results and reduces costs”.
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The concept of Positive Health focuses on resilience and recognises that people can experience happiness and well-being even during illness. Based on her personal journey to overcome a serious illness, Machteld emphasised the importance of listening to your body and addressing holistic needs alongside medical treatment.

The Spiderweb model, based on interviews with patients, encompasses different dimensions of well-being and guides people towards a more fulfilling life even when facing chronic illness.

In the Netherlands, the implementation of Positive Health has produced promising results, including a 25% reduction in referrals from primary care to hospital care, leading to cost savings, improved quality of care and greater professional satisfaction.

Positive Health is now also making its presence felt outside the Netherlands. Besides Portugal, it is gaining ground in Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Ireland and Japan.

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