Positive Health: Change of Language in healthcare

In today’s increasingly expensive and complex healthcare system, the primary focus has been on efficiently repairing illnesses. This approach has created a dependence on unhealthy conditions and diseases. However, in an aging society, the emphasis on living with limitations and preventing problems through a healthy environment and lifestyle is becoming increasingly important.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle not only helps prevent the need for excessive healthcare but also encourages a more collaborative and proactive approach. Nonetheless, this transition challenges existing perspectives and interests within the healthcare industry.

Derk Loorbach, Françoise Johansen and Annemiek Stoopendaal examined how the concept of Positive Health symbolizes this emerging transition. And how this shift in perspective is causing friction and the need for a better strategy to align the healthcare system with the goals of societal well-being.

Read this thought-provoking article, where they explore the implications of Positive Health as a catalyst for change and discuss strategies for navigating this transition towards a healthier future.

Change of Language in healthcare