New: German spoken training ‘Working with Positive Health’

In the Netherlands, the Positive Health model is already being successfully applied in numerous medical practices, clinics, educational institutions and even at the municipal level, where it has triggered a change of perspective towards a resource-oriented view of health. Let yourself be inspired by the experiences in the Netherlands, learn to use the concept for your work and make a difference for your patients/clients, for your team and for your work!


We have added a training in German:

Training Arbeiten mit Positive Gesundheit – start 29 September 2023 – Deutsch gesprochen 🇩🇪 / Hybrid 

The training includes 3 sessions, 1 live in Berlin and 2 online, led by certified Positive Health Trainer – Karolien van den Brekel and Director of Positive Health International. Part of the training is self-study from the “Handbook Positive Health in Primary Care, The Dutch Example”. You will receive the book on the first day of training. The online sessions will take place via MS Teams.

Germany 3