Inspiration tour on 3 locations working with Positive Health

Resilient Communities and Positive Health International recently organized an inspiration tour for a group of healthcare professionals and an alderman from Belgium. The tour visited three locations where Positive Health was being practiced with great success.

The first stop was in Kaag en Braassem, where the first-line care, municipality and De Driemaster (welfare) have been working together for years with short lines of communication and trust. Thanks to the Positive Health philosophy, they are able to meet the needs of the residents with their broad approach that includes Welfare on Prescription. The tour attendees were impressed with the self-direction, resilience and meaning that were evident in the program.

The second stop was at ‘de Componist’, where Erik Asbreuk and his team showcased a beautiful integral neighborhood cooperation in one building that radiates health and meeting.

The tour concluded with moving stories of experience from colleagues at Leidsche Rijn Julius Health Centres (LRJG) and Indekerngezond, who emphasized the importance of really seeing people. The tour was a great success and demonstrated the power of Positive Health in creating resilient communities.

Do you want to know more or also participate on one of our tours, please contact us directly.

Inspiration tour