First Training day in Japan!

Selma Jonkers and Karolien van den Brekel-Dijkstra started in Karuizawa with a new training group of Japanese professionals who were open to learn more about Positive Health.

With the great translation of Jeanette Chabot, there was an open atmosphere with participants from all different fields, doctors, practitioners and management in nursing homes, nurses, social workers, researchers and even an architect!

🙏 Thanks Hiroyuki BENIYA and Satoko Fujioka, for inviting this group of early adaptors from Japan to experience the added value of Positive Health towards more health oriented and integrated community-based care. The participants were curious and eager to learn more about the background, the application in practice and reflected not only on their own health but also learned how powerful attentive listening can be.

Positive Health can be used in many different countries and languages because it is very universal that people want to be healthy, and that intrinsic motivation matters for first steps to selfcare. It was interesting to experience the power of the tool and we’ve sowed the seeds for meaningful connections and future collaborations.

We are looking forward to the next training session in Fukui and see the Orange home care clinic, the first Japanese clinic based on Positive Health.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this journey together, as this group of Japanese gamechangers will attend an inspirational – best practices – tour to the Netherlands in May. Where they visit several people and projects: Hans Peter Jung, Wendy Nederend, Indekerngezond, Pablo Van Den Bosch, Huisartsenpraktijk de Componist, Erik Asbreuk, Huisartsenpraktijk Sunenz/Eikesingel, Machteld Huber and many more.

PHI Japan Training 1