First implementation training started in Belgium

The training, designed to equip healthcare professionals and community stakeholders with the tools to integrate the principles of Positive Health, marks the beginning of an exciting transformation in Belgian healthcare. This integration can extend to healthcare practices or local communities, where a concerted effort is made to align with existing initiatives. According to the handbook ‘Positive Health in Primary Care – The Dutch Example’, we define different levels of implementation.

During the implementation module, participants engage in vibrant discussions centred on practical applications of Positive Health. Examining how to apply these principles within their daily practices and work settings how to embed Positive Health in daily regular practice with focus on what matters most. Collaboration is key, as participants are encouraged to share their experiences, identify potential obstacles, and collectively craft innovative solutions.

With these implementation workshops the journey towards implementing Positive Health in Belgium is just beginning. It is a continue process of learning, adapting and evolving.


phi start implementation