Festive launch of ‘Regeneratief Leven vzw’ in Belgium

We would like to share a look back at the festive launch of Regenerative Living vzw at De Droomgaard in Broechem, Belgium on 18th August 2023. Guest speakers Machteld Huber, on Positive Health – a practical approach to see and engage a person as a whole in a process towards greater health and Rineke Dijkinga on the importance of healthy food and soil inspired us with their vision.

Regenerative Living vzw strives for a society where we recognise our deep connection to the regenerative power of nature. They look at the relationship between humans and the living environment through a lens of Positive Health, with the aim of strengthening our vital energy. Here, doctors, farmers, entrepreneurs and citizens come together to learn about healthy soil, healthy food, and its impact on our physical and mental health.

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