European GP Congress WONCA

Looking back at our presence at the European GP Congress WONCA in Brussels on June 8 and 9. We had the pleasure to be part of the program where Machteld Huber (Institute for Positive Health) and Karolien van den Brekel (Positive Health international) shared valuable insights on the broad vision of health.


Machteld Huber was keynote speaker and gave a presentation about Positive Health.  ‘A practical approach from the Netherlands to perceive a person as a whole and to engage her/him into a process towards more health.’

The next day – in a packed workshop room – there was so much enthusiasm about the vison, the practical tool, and the examples from GPs Geert Pint from Belgium and Karolien van den Brekel. The own experience of self-reflection, other international experiences and the video from the inspiration tour, made people aware of the transformative power of Positive Health. Good to know that it can be used on individual, professional and community level. A participant quoted at the end of the workshop: “the best I take home from WONCA 2023”.

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