2nd book on Positive Health in Japan launched

In October we had the privilege of attending the launch of the 2nd book on Positive Health in Japan with the esteemed author, Jeanette Chabot, and the founder of Positive Health, Machteld Huber. The event was truly inspiring, with incredible insights from Taku Yamada, Mika Hosoe and Hiroyuki BENIYA.

A short summary of the book: “Through the growing recognition of the concept of Positive Health in the Netherlands, as well as worldwide, its network has expanded from the healthcare sector to the field of politics, finances, education, housing and environment. By mentioning numerous recent examples with successful result, the author illustrates the possible models of community, city and even a state when the concept of Positive Health is implemented. The book gives a reader many inspirations in how to apply Positive Health in our daily life and indicates what it means to lead a resilient and healthy lifestyle.”

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