Local Trainer Development (module 4)

You have attended modules 1 to 3 yourself and you are so enthusiastic about the philosophy that you would like to deliver the training courses yourself in your own region/country. For example, as an independent entrepreneur, as a trainer at an agency or as a trainer in a (healthcare) organisation. Then we can train you with this module and you will learn how to bring a group to the essence of working with Positive Health.

The next Trainer session is planned for:

  • Day 1: 22nd November 2024
  • Day 2: 16th January 2025

Do you want to join? Let us know!

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  • Working with Positive Health has been a transformative journey for me. It's empowering to realize that I hold the keys to my own well-being, and this training has given me the tools to unlock a healthier and more fulfilling life for me, but also for my patients.

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Essence of
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Power of
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Local Trainer Development