Implementation of Positive Health (module 3)

During this implementation training, you will learn how to integrate Positive Health into your working environment. This can be both in terms of implementation in your practice or in your neighbourhood, where we mainly connect to the initiatives that are already ongoing.

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  • Working with Positive Health has been a transformative journey for me. It's empowering to realize that I hold the keys to my own well-being, and this training has given me the tools to unlock a healthier and more fulfilling life for me, but also for my patients.

    Participant training

for who

Professionals working in healthcare who want to learn how to put the concept of Positive Health into practice. Enthusiastic and motivated participants, 'early adopters'. Registration is only possible after completion of the training 'Power of Positive Health'.

Approximately 12 participants.
Total: 6 study hours.

Module 1

Essence of
Positive Health

Module 2

Power of
Positive Health

Module 3

Implementation of Positive Health

Module 4

Local Trainer Development