Orange Home Care Clinic, Fukui City

Orange Home Care Clinic was established in 2011 by Hiroyuki Beniya. It specialises in primary care, with emphasis on making house calls, but there is also a large amount of other medical care and welfare. What this clinic offers is rather unique to Japan, which does not have a primary care system, as such. Although the outpatient department of Orange Home Care Clinic can be visited by anybody, the main service of this department is to enable those who would otherwise be hospitalised to receive care as outpatients, at home. The department has a team of cooperating care providers that includes a nurse, physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, dietician, early childhood education specialist, social worker and care manager. Some of the social workers used to be musicians, one other is a Buddhist monk. Amongst the physicians is an oncologist, nutrition specialist and palliative care specialist. Some of the care professionals have followed the Positive Health training. They all believe that by making house calls, they will get to know their patients in a more holistic way and within the context of their community.

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