Instructions for registering CPD points

Our training program is accredited:

  • E-learning: 2 points
  • Power of Positive Health: 10 points

To obtain CPD credits, participants must use the certificates they receive from us as evidence of their participation in CPD activities.

PHI approved provider CPD 783745

Congratulations! After successfully completing a training session, you will receive a certificate of participation. This certificate serves as proof of your CPD activities. Follow the steps below to obtain your CPD points.

  1. Register with Your Professional Organisation
    • Log in to the portal of your professional organisation (e.g., V&VN for nurses and caregivers).
    • Add a new CPD activity in the Quality Register or a similar logbook.
    • Fill in the following details:
      1. Type of activity:  (e.g., 'Training/Course')
      2. Title of the training:  (e.g., 'E-learning' or 'Power of Positive Health')
      3. Date of participation
      4. Duration of the training
      5. Number of CPD points:  (e.g., 2 or 10)
      6. Upload the certificate as proof of participation.
  2. Receive Confirmation
    After submitting your CPD activity, you will receive a confirmation from your professional organisation. Ensure you keep this confirmation for your records.