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Engaging in conversations about Positive Health can yield unexpected results. For instance, a health concern may uncover an entirely different underlying issue. It is truly remarkable how individuals often possess profound insights into improving their own health. They serve as their own greatest guides and advisors.

If you are interested in working with Positive Health, it is important to first discover for yourself what it is about that Positive Health that makes the difference.

Below you will find free downloads of the Dialogue tool in many languages. Institute for Positive Health created also an online tool 'My Positive Health'.

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The conversations you can have with Positive Health can lead to surprising outcomes. For example, it may turn out that a health complaint reveals a completely different problem. It is also amazing how well people themselves often know what is needed to improve their health situation. They are their own best advisors. Learn more about the Alternative Dialogue.

Several versions of the spider web have been developed in the Netherlands by iPH (eg children’s, youth, adults and simple version) to apply Positive Health for various target groups. Positive Health international made the tool in a variety of languages available. They are free to download, so people can fill in the spider web for themselves. Based on their answers, their personal overview of health will be revealed in the spider web.

Please find below the downloads in English, German, French, Icelandic, Spanish and Japanese.

We also have the Children and Adolescents versions in English and German available.

You can download the Dutch version at Institute for Positive Health (iPH).

English - Children

PHI-Dialogue tool CHILD 1.0 - ENGLISH

English - Adolescents


German - Children

PHI-Dialogue tool CHILD 1.0 - GERMAN DEF 231023

German - Adolescents

PHI-Dialogue tool ADOLESCENTS 1.0 - GERMAN

You can download the Dutch versions of the Adults, Young adults and Children tool at Institute for Positive Health (iPH) or go the online version of the Dutch tool (mijnpositievegezondheid.nl).