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In 2017, a delegation of 5 Japanese care professionals visited the Netherlands to be inspired in the field of elderly care and the Dutch health care system. Hiroyuki Beniya, Japanese physician at the Orange Home Care Clinic for the elderly in Fukui, became interested in the concept of Positive Health. The English-Japanese translator played a crucial role as ambassador in the start of Positive Health in Japan (Jeanette Chabot).  The support base of Positive Health in Japan is still small, but with innovativeness and enthusiasm they expect to stay inspired to work with Positive Health. The implementation of the concept started in elderly care, but has since also expanded to the domain of youth care, in a unique Japanese project.


By first filling in the spiderweb itself, you can explore what the core of the philosophy is. If you skip this step, you will easily miss the point, because without experiencing the effect, you will remain on the outside, just watching patients. Clients will quickly realize if you yourself have lived through what it is all about.


For the early adaptors in Japan, stems from the ageing population, financial burden of health care, scepticism concerning over-medicalisation and a growing interest in an individualistic approach, as is also the case in most developed countries. People in Japan, at birth, have the longest life expectancy in the world (84.43 years, in 2020). The challenges are also similar: resistance to change (particularly by those who benefit from the current system), the treatment remuneration system which encourages over-medicalisation, and a non-holistic approach in the education of care professionals and citizens, in general.

Writer and interpreter Jeannette Chabot, wrote a book in Japanese about Positive Health. With her work related to elderly care she encountered Positive Health and I became totally fascinated by it. She organized many visits for Japanese delegations to the Netherlands.

Fujiko Hasegawa eagerly began research on Positive Health in Japan.

Several versions of the spiderweb have been developed to apply Positive Health. In a variety of languages, the adult version is available for download in Japanese so that people can fill in the spider web themselves.


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Looking back on our elderly study tour to Japan

PHI Japan Training 1

First Training day in Japan!

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2nd book on Positive Health in Japan launched

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Kids Lab

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Orange Home Care Clinic, Fukui City

Ordering handbook

Handbook ‘Positive Health’ now available for ordering