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Positive Health has the potential to pragmatically bring together psychosocial needs, patients' resources, and their physical stresses. Positive Health is simple and practical to use and provides a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of a person's health. Participants at the Machteld Huber workshop in 2021 were quickly convinced that Positive Health has the potential to spur change in this country as well, from a health care system that focuses on controlling disease through monetary benefits to one that focuses on health and the patient and citizen.

After this first workshop to which Machteld Huber was invited in Germany in 2021, the association Positive Gesundheit Deutschland e. V. was founded there in January 2022 as a coordinating body for Positive Health. The association aims to make the concept used in the Netherlands accessible to the German-speaking world.

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By first filling in the spiderweb itself, you can explore what the core of the philosophy is. If you skip this step, you will easily miss the point, because without experiencing the effect, you will remain on the outside, just watching patients. Clients will quickly realize if you yourself have lived through what it is all about.

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working together

In close cooperation with the Institute for Positive Health and Positive Health International, Positive Gesundheit Deutschland e. V. is the contact point for

  • courses, lectures and other events within the framework of Positive Health in German-speaking countries
  • the coordination of research projects of different universities
  • the networking of users and future trainers of the Positive Health concept
  • the dissemination of Positive Health in Germany and - where appropriate and desired - in the German-speaking countries

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So far, several workshops and trainings on the application of Positive Health have already taken place. The concept has been presented at events, such as the online forum of the AG Psychosomatik of the DEGAM, and more and more doctors and other professionals from the health sector are getting enthusiastic about this approach!

A first pilot study on the application of Positive Health by social workers of the association "Soziale Gesundheit e.V.", who counsel patients directly in doctors' offices in the Berlin district of Lichtenberg, is currently being prepared and further studies are being planned.

Are you also interested in a training?

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  • In the practice of general medicine
  • In the medical care of adolescents
  • In the inpatient setting
  • By social workers in medical practices
  • In physiotherapy

Curious how you can start? Follow our German E-learning course 'Essenz der Positive Gesundheit'.

Several versions of the spiderweb have been developed to apply Positive Health. In a variety of languages, the adult version is available for download in German so that people can fill in the spider web themselves.


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Gernot Rüter’s review of the handbook

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New: E-learning module ‘Essence of Positive Health’


Positive Health in Germany – looking back at the symposium ‘Gesundheit mal anders!’


Neu: Handbuch Positive Gesundheit in der Hausarztpraxis

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Symposium: Gesundheit mal anders!

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Enthusiasm at Universität Witten/Herdecke

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Positive Gesundheit Deutschland e. V.
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Contact research Positive Health Germany

Geschäftsstelle „Forschung zu Salutogenese und Positive Health in der Primärversorgung“ des Dachverbands Salutogenese e.V.

Der Dachverband Salutogenese e.V. (Göttingen) und das Institut für Allgemeinmedizin und Ambulante Gesundheitsversorgung (IAMAG) der Universität Witten/Herdecke haben gemeinschaftlich eine Initiative gegründet zur Förderung von Forschungskooperationen zu Salutogenese und Positive Health. Die Ziele sind:

  • Aufbau einer Diskussionsplattform mit regelmäßigen Netzwerktreffen.
  • Förderung von Kooperationen.
  • Förderung fachübergreifender Zusammenarbeit (Medizin, Gesundheitswissenschaften, Soziale Arbeit, Bildungswissenschaften, Pflegewissenschaften, Sportwissenschaften, Theologie usw.).
  • Explikation, was „Positive Health“ als Leitidee, als Unterstützung einer salutogenen Orientierung in der Praxis und im Hinblick auf Priorisierungen u.a. in Gesundheitsförderung und -versorgung sowie bzgl. der Kriterien von Wirksamkeit und Nutzen bedeuten können.
  • Initiierung und Durchführung von Pilot- und Implementierungsprojekten zur Evaluierungen bzgl. Konzeptqualität, Strukturqualität, Prozessqualität und Ergebnisqualität.

In einem ersten Schritt wurde eine Geschäftsstelle „Forschung zu Salutogenese und Positive Health in der Primärversorgung“ des Dachverbands Salutogenese am Institut für Allgemeinmedizin und Ambulante Gesundheitsversorgung (IAMAG) der Universität Witten/Herdecke gegründet.

Ansprechpartner sind:

  • Ottomar Bahrs, Medizinsoziologe, Sprecher des Dachverbands Salutogenese e.V.; obahrs@gwdg.de
  • Dr. med. Achim Mortsiefer, Alexandra Piotrowski
    Universität Witten/Herdecke, Institut für Allgemeinmedizin und Ambulante Gesundheitsversorgung (IAMAG), Lehrstuhl für Allgemeinmedizin II und Patientenorientierung in der Primärversorgung
    Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50, D-58448 Witten
    Sekretariat: Marina Frieben, Tel. +49 2302 926 743; Marina.Frieben@uni-wh.de