Relaunch of Leuven Care Neighbourhoods

Geert Pint enthusiastically shares the relaunch of Leuven’s caring neighbourhoods and the integration of Positive Health as a collective approach. During a recent meeting “Positive Health as a means of implementing goal-oriented care in 2 Leuven neighbourhoods”, the next step was taken. After the initial focus on creating caring neighbourhoods and the involvement of GPs, welfare workers and home nurses are now jumping on board as well. This is a crucial and important development, and it was immediately apparent that the principles of Positive Health fit well with them too.

Geert Pint found it hopeful to see how this connecting language and tool of Positive Health is not difficult to understand and works effectively for different healthcare providers. After the first moment of introduction, it was clear that this approach is valuable in the wider context.

In the wider story of Wilsele Village, where the first steps were taken six years ago, the involvement of the whole neighbourhood was strengthened. The impact of Covid-19 first delayed and then actually accelerated, it is nice to see that enthusiasm remains. After the summer, a plan has been drawn up to invite over-65s to talks, an initiative that will foster further connection and support in the community.

In Leuven’s caring neighbourhoods, we see Positive Health as a vehicle for collaborative efforts and new approaches that can strengthen and connect the community.