In conversation with CM chairman Luc van Gorp and Dieter Herregodts

GPs Geert Pint and Karolien van den Brekel meet CM president Luc van Gorp and Dieter Herregodts. In this inspiring conversation, we learned about the many activities the health fund facilitates to promote broad health.

We also discussed the challenges in the complex healthcare landscape, where both a lot of movement from bottom-up is increasingly being driven and also unstoppable. Creating frameworks and preconditions is key for sustainable change. The movement towards more targeted care, the role of primary care areas and increasingly interprofessional cooperation in neighbourhoods and districts was discussed.

In 2024, we will look at further concretisation to strengthen the Positive Health movement and together we will make many more initiatives visible and findable. Such as healthy neighbourhood/going out together, health academy, Social Work in Neighbourhoods and many more. With many examples of effective elements from the Netherlands and best Practices in Flanders on the #how #implement and #guarantee Positive Health, we want to share more with each other and you in the coming period.

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