Ashoka Systemic Change network

With the support of the Johnson & Johnson Foundation and Ashoka, the cohort of winners from the Ashoka Reimagining Community Health Challenge 2022 worked on a shared vision for the future of the European health workforce.

Thanks to Karolien van den Brekel-Dijkstra (Positive Health International) and Giliam Kuijpers (MedGezel), who organized the stay, it created a bond and energy to be together, discover together, and share the hopes and challenges.

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In the times of remote work, zoom, and virtual spaces, the fysical meeting reminded us about the power of personal connection, the energy that it creates, and the need to connect body and mind. Thanks to the openness, kindness, and generosity, the energy and bond have resulted in a collaborative and sharing approach.

Marion Birnstill (J&J Foundation) delivered an inspiring workshop focused on systems transformation and the 3 horizons framework. It helped to see the connections between the current system, vision, and transformation. Collaboration, connection, and understanding were the dominating energies, together with the belief in a better future and health for all.

Our ambition is to create an ecosystem of change to connect existing programs focused on community health and run by the School of System Change,  Ashoka, and Positive Health International.

- shiftN, International Futures Forum and J&J Foundation

The HALE (Health for All Learning Experiment) project, funded by the Johnson and Johnson Foundation, is to support the health system's transition to "a future of health for all".

It emerged from the desire to humanize health and the need to connect people, projects, and organizations that share that desire.

In this experiment we are following what is emerging, sensing the energy, and discovering a hopeful future. Our reflections and initiatives are shared on a padlet site, enabling easy access and interaction.